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Emergency Garage Door Service: Same Day Repairs

When your garage door decides to call it quits, it can be a very sudden, surprising, and potentially urgent situation. When it’s a priority to get your door fixed as soon as possible, you can rely on us. 

We offer same-day repair services for those urgent, last-minute calls with fast, reliable service for calls made later in the afternoon.

We apply an after-hours call-out fee for emergency service requests, but in return you’ll have the peace of mind and convenience of getting your garage door back in working order on the same day you call us out. 

Our same-day emergency service calls are designed for urgent requests made between 4pm to 7pm on weekdays. 

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What Can You Do in a Garage Door Emergency?

In the heat of a garage door emergency, a little knowledge goes a long way. Consider the short-term actions you can take to maximize safety and security until you can get a professional out for repairs.

Here’s what you can do while waiting for professional help:

  • Safety First: Keep children and pets away from the area to avoid injury.
  • Manual Override: If safe to do so, use the manual override feature to open or close the door if necessary. However, if there’s any resistance or if the door feels unusually heavy, stop immediately to avoid causing further damage.
  • Secure the Area: If the door cannot be closed, secure your garage as best as you can to protect your belongings until help arrives.

Remember, while these steps can be helpful, they’re no substitute for professional repair services. Our technicians have the expertise to address the issue safely and efficiently.

What NOT to do if Your Garage Door Isn't Working

It can be frustrating to troubleshoot and resolve an issue with your garage door when you’re in a hurry. Desperate times may call for desperate measures. However, some fixes that may seem like a good idea in the moment may actually cause further or permanent damage to your door, and may be dangerous.

Our Professional Advice: Do not ever cut the cables or remove the bottom bracket. 

Give us a call instead and we’ll come out as quickly as possible.

Avoid Surprises & Emergencies with General Maintenance Service

No Job Too Big or Small

Many emergency calls can be prevented with regular maintenance, saving you the inconvenience and additional cost of urgent repairs. Our comprehensive annual maintenance service is designed to keep your garage door in peak condition, reducing the likelihood of unexpected failures. We’ll also be able to identify potential issues long before they become an emergency situation.

Save Extra With Our Limited Time Discounts!

Mention Our Discounts When You Talk To Us & Ask Us About The Deals Below.

50% Off Maintenance Services

Includes regulation check on all opener safety devices; adjustment of track, limit switches, chain, force and sensitivity; lubrication; tightening on all loose nuts & bolts.

Discount valid for standard steel doors only. Additional fees may apply for wood, overlay, or custom doors.

$50 Off Repairs on Doors & Openers

Discount not valid for maintenance, remotes, keypads or installations.

$50 Off Repairs on Doors & Openers

Discount not valid for maintenance, remotes, keypads or installations.

$50 Off Repairs on Doors & Openers

Discount not valid for maintenance, remotes, keypads or installations.

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If you need help with your garage door

Online Service Request

Send us a message and let us know what you're dealing with.

Testimonials From Our Customers

I have been using Suburban Door for the past 6 years. I have never had a serious issue with my door, but I do get a yearly maintenance done on my whole system. The tech is always polite, and very professional. They always take plenty of time checking out my door and motor. Thanks to there great maintenance pricing I have been able to avoid any costly repairs.

S. Gill

Plano, TX

I was referred through my home warranty company for a repair that was not covered under my policy (my door was off of the rails). I couldn't believe how fast they were able to get a tech to my house. From my initial first phone call to the job being completed took less than 2 hours. I thought my day would be tied up, and I would have to take the day off of work. Thanks to the amazing girls in the office, and Ben the wonderful technician it was not a problem (I even made it to work on time). I would recommend Suburban Door to anyone. They are so friendly, and very reliable. Their work is A+.

C. Head

Addison, TX

I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years, and will continue to do so. I was referred to Suburban Door by my neighbor when my spring broke on my door. I was very impressed with their level of professionalism and customer care. Since my first call to them in 1996 I have had the pleasure of dealing with their staff on a few other properties I own. They are the first and only call I make for garage door issues.

S. McNear

Dallas, TX

I love the referral program that Suburban Door offers. As I refer my friends to them I get a lovely thank you maintenance coupon. More companies should offer things like this. It really shows your customers that you appreciate them.

T. Kerr

Plano, TX

After a very frustrating time dealing with another company I decided to give Suburban Doors a call. They were very accomodating to my situation, and were so kind to work around my hectic schedule. The other company gave me a time window of 12-5. I told them I couldn't give up that much time of my day. I was simply told....too bad. Suburban Door gave me a time window of between 11-1 and gave me a 30 minute call to meet the tech. It was so nice to see a company that truly values the time of their customers. The repair was quickly done, and I was really impressed with the pricing. Overall great experience. Highly recommend.

M. Mansour

Frisco, TX

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